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Posted by Nour Tamer on 03/25/2020

Announcement Announcement

All europe and long haul flight has been updated , feel free to fly for any destination at europe and soon in africa too !


Sharm-Amman CityLink

Posted by Nour Tamer on 02/18/2020

Egyptian vACC & Jordan vACC are proud to announce a new shuttle, Sharm Amman CityLink on the 22nd of February 2020! A nice Flying Cairo International Airport and Queen Alia International Airport.

World Flight Positioning

Posted by Ahmed Yehia Hamad on 10/27/2015

*Fly your World Flight aircraft from Wellington (NZWN ) to Sydney (YSSY) West directionrnrn*Starting from Sat 31 Oct 2015 05:00 UTC to Sat 31 Oct 2015 10:00 UTCrnrn*More information to be found here (Will be updated daily):rnhttps://www.vatsim.net/events/vatnz-world-flight-positioning

New Service to and from Jakart

Posted by Joseph Lockett Jr on 12/21/2013

EGYPTAIR announced its NEW daily regular flights from/to Cairo / Abidjan starting the 1st  of July 2013 EGYPTAIR announced its NEW destination to Soekarno Hatta International Airport (ICAO:WIII-IATA:CGK) via Suvarnbhumi Bangkok Aiport (ICAO: VTBS-IATA: BKK) on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Callsign: MS960 BKK to CGK Departure: 1410 +1. Arrival: 1740                MS961 CGK to BKK Departure: 1910.      Arrival: 2240 Boeing 777-300ER (B77W)


Posted by Ahmed Yehia Hamad on 07/09/2013

Dear All Happy Ramadan for All of you Please be informed that our Captain Mohamed Mahmoud has been assigned by the BOG to be the Training department Head and Captain Mahmoud Abozeid as his assistant. Congratulations guys and welcome aboard. We still need a couple of pilots to assist Moda and Mahmoud......If any one is interested please contact Mohamed. Good luck all The CEO

Starting operation between Cai

Posted by Ahmed Yehia Hamad on 06/03/2013

EGYPTAIR announced its NEW daily regular flights from/to Cairo / Abidjan starting the 1st  of July 2013   outbond flight: MSR883 departure 22:50z from Cairo, arrival at Abidjan on 07:10z, duration 08:20 hrs, B737-800 inbond flight:   MSR884 departure 10:30z from Abidjan, arrival at Cairo on 18:45z, duration 08:15 hrs, B737-800

Activation of Star Alliance Pr

Posted by Ahmed Yehia Hamad on 02/03/2013

EGYPTAIR Virtual is pleased to announce the activation of Star alliance project (SAP).   Our pilots now are eligible to fly with SA call signs to the destinations not operated by EGYPTAIR.   Notes: 1- SA flights shall not depart/Land from/to HECC FIR to/from any operational MSR destinations except HEBA “Borg Al Arab International Airport”. 2- EGYPTAIR Virtual “As a Code-Share” should be mentioned in the remarks of any SA flights. 3-Members of Star Alliance group airlines are welcome to register at EGYPTAIR Virtual and have the chance to record your flight in the both airlines. Enjoy !!!!!

Starting operation between Cai

Posted by Ahmed Yehia Hamad on 12/29/2012

EGYPTAIR have the pleasure to announce it's new operations between Cairo and Manchester, Toronto and Harare.    Flights will be started from June 1st 2013.   Departure times and dates will be announced accordingly.


Posted by Ahmed Yehia Hamad on 12/17/2012

Dear All A new sub-menu has been add in our website for the IMPORTANT documents like Checklist and Airport Charts under the Crew Center menu A total of (7) Airport charts has been added successfully to this page via a DCT upload on our FB group as well as (1) Normal Checklist NOTAMs will be added soon. New airport Charts will be added while requested Enjoy The CEO

Happy Feast "Adha Eid"

Posted by Ahmed Yehia Hamad on 10/22/2012

[color=#0000ff]Dear Egyptair pilots,[/color]   [color=#0000ff]Egyptair virtual wishing you a happy Feast  "Adha Eid " to all of you and the rest of your families.[/color]   [color=#0000ff]With Warm wishes[/color]   [color=#0000ff]Egyptair Virtual[/color] [color=#0000ff]Ahmed Hamad,[/color]   [color=#0000ff]The CEO[/color]

EGYPTAIR VIRTUAL new web desig

Posted by Ahmed Yehia Hamad on 10/15/2012

Dear Egyptair pilots,   We are pleased to announce the new web design of our Virtual Airline. We hope that you will enjoy it. your comments and notes are more than welcomed on the Ceo's e-mail :ceo@egyptair-virtual.com         We wish that you will enjoy our new look , features and style . and we promise to give you greatest satisfaction in the comming days Cheers   Egyptair virtual Ahmed Hamad The CEO

Training Center deactivation

Posted by Ahmed Yehia Hamad on 10/15/2012

Dear Egyptair Virtual pilots   The management team announcing the training centre in Egyptair Virtual is temporarily closed since the mid of this year until further notice.   All new joiners are requested to have at least 50 hrs on each network "VATSIM or IVAO" and not to combine the flown hours on both networks.   We are sorry to reject any application did not comply to the above mentioned requirements.   Thanks   Egyptair Virtual Ahmed Hamad The CEO

Major updates in the site !!

Posted by Amir Fahmy on 03/20/2011

Dear Egyptair pilots , As you might noticed that there are some major updates being done in the website . so we would appreciate any suggestions and idea's also if any of the members faced any bug dont hesitate to mail any of the staff member . we wish that you will enjoy our new look , features and style . and we promise to give you greatest satisfaction in the comming days . On Behalf of Egyptair virtual Team , Amir Fahmy X-Ceo

EgyptAir adds new Boeing 777-3

Posted by Kareem Hassan on 12/20/2010

Dear All,   I would like to inform you that EgyptAir have added their fourth Boeing 777-36NER [B77W] to the fleet. After SU-GDL, SU-GDM, and SU-GDN the Registration is: SU-GDO with SELCAL: HLJR. First flight of the GDO was on 23-11-2010, it was delivered to EgyptAir on 15-12-2010.    Congratulations to EgyptAir and I wish them Happy flights with the aircraft Inshallah!   Here is a picture of the beautiful bird:    [img]http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/9613/557634.jpg[/img]       

Egyptair IVAO MTL's

Posted by Amir Fahmy on 12/13/2010

Dear Egyptair virtual pilots ,   GOOD NEWS the mtl of egypt air has been updated 15 new livery (NEW/STAR ALLIANCE/OLD) is aviable for download just go to your MTL updater and update it all   Regards, Amr El Gohary Fleet-Repainter

Egyptair Virtual Release some

Posted by Amir Fahmy on 11/26/2010

Dear Egyptair virtual pilots , We would like to announce that 3 tours now are ready to be flown .  Winter tour , Domestic tour and the Arab tour .  we hope you enjoy flying them . On behalf Of Egyptair Virtual Amr Ayman , Event coordinator.

Download page

Posted by Amir Fahmy on 11/24/2010

Dear Egyptair virtual pilots , Please take a look into our download page under crew center . a manual for Egyptair virtual is avilable aswell as some Egyptair Paints for Wilco Airbus volume 1 , PMDG 737 , Ifly 737 and some paints for default planes for FS9 and FSX .Hope you enjoy them . On behalf of Egyptair Virtual staff , Ahmed Hamad CEO

Logging your flight

Posted by Amir Fahmy on 11/20/2010

Dear Egyptair virtual pilots , As i can see that lot of flights are stated as not arrived . so again please when you ARRIVE to your  destination . dont dis-connect directly after landing . first you need to taxi to a gate and then set ypur parking breaks and wait for at least 2 minutes so the system recognize that you arrived to your destination . لكل الطيارين , عندما تصل إلي وجهتك إنتظر من دقيقة إلي دقيقتين لترك فرصة للنظام للتعرف علي أنك وصلت إلي وجهتك وقد طرت الرحلة كاملة. Behalf of Egyptair virtual team , Ahmed Hamad CEO

Egyptair Staff Recruitment

Posted by Amir Fahmy on 11/17/2010

Dear Egyptair Virtual members , Egyptair is Announcing a Staff Recruitment  for the following positions : 1- Fligh Operation Department  ( gathering The real life Egyptair flights and filling it in time table ) 2-Event assistant coordinator 3-Membership coordinator So if you want to apply to any of these positions,  mail us with your CV  on this mail : [b]ceo@egyptair-virtual.com [/b] Regards, Egyptair virtual staff