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Flight operations

First of all welcome by the flight operations department of Egyptair virtual, we are responsible for everything which is related to flight operations such as to whole briefing package with the  weather briefing, flightplan and NOTAM. We have a partnership with the FlightAcademy witch will help each Egyptair Virtual member with knowing how to Fly . From PPL to ATPL . 


How can my flight be logged to Egyptair Virtual site if am flying online on IVAO or VATSIM ?
For Online pilots in any of the networks Ivao or Vatsim, all what you need to do is to Book A flight from our time table and then connect to IVAP or Squwak box with MSRXXX as a call sign . and the flight will be automatic Logged to our system

Can i fly a flight outside the time table and still it will be logged to the system ?
Any Egyptair Virtual Pilot  can make his OWN FLIGHT from the tab called " BOOK A FLIGHT "  you will see a flight plan . you can fill it with any flight you want to fly  and it will be logged at our system 

P.S : In that case usually use your registered Call sign   MSRXXX

Is there is anyway to get some help and more information for my flight ?
Sure . you will find usually in MSR_CC some Flight Dispatchers and flow control who can help you with any extra things you need .

If i found any mistakes in the Flight plans , Call sign , A/C reg.  and the site, who should i contact ?
If you find out any mistakes never hesitate to conact us .  ceo@egyptair-virtual.com

If i want any Paints for an aircraft , or i want to correct any fault in one of the paints what should i do ?
Contact us directly on ,  ceo@egyptair-virtual.com

On behalf of the Egyptair virtual staff,
Ahmed Hamad