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Rules and Regulations

Rules, Policies and Regulations 

These are the Terms and Conditions of EGYPTAIR Virtual “MSVA”.

Minimum Criteria – Section “A”


(A.01) When you decide to join the EGYPTAIR Virtual- hereafter MSVA-, you are required to have IVAO and/or VATSIM account (active account and not being suspended) Pilot will be required to pass a technical evaluation test by our training team (before completing the registration).

(A.02)You agree to abide by VATSIM and IVAO policies which prohibit a user from owning more than one ID. Where MSVA finds a member’s multiple IDs, the MSVA pilot shall confirm which ID belongs to them – and shall immediately takes steps to unregister other IDs belonging to them, if applicable.


(A.03) While register at MSVA, you must submit real identity with full name (nickname prohibited).

(A.04) At register time, you  must be a minimum of 12 years of age


(A.05) When joining MSVA, you must use 3 digits for your VA membership number (MSRxxx). Use numeric only and do not use alphabetical - Ex MSR020/ MSR021


(A.06) If you already joined as a member and your IVAO/VATSIM account suspended or deleted or not active for the past 12 months prior to your registration, the MSVA staff will re-evaluate your membership and take the most appropriate decision regarding the suspension/deletion/inactivity.


(A.07) If you already joined as a member and proved that you falsify your age, then your membership will be deleted without prior notice.

(A.08) No MSVA member shall hold or obtain a membership in another VA except MSVA. Such a member will have to de-activate his membership in those VA’s immediately.
(A.09) No MSVA member shall fly with a call-sign rather than “MSR” –MSVA Call-Sign- or Star Alliance Code-share call-signs unless he successfully flown a minimum of Ten (10) hours per month.

(A.10) Executive President, founder of MSVA & Management team of the Board will be excluded from holding other membership regulations.


(A.11) The ability to show professionalism within the organization and when conducting Online Operations is a must.


(A.12) As English is the international language of the aviation industry, we require applicants to harbour a reasonable level of written and spoken English. MSAV Pilot are expected to have a minimal knowledge of English proficiency and radio communication.


(A.13) In the case of abuse of our rules and/or the general rules of the networks, you may be suspended.


(A.14) A basic knowledge of flying simulator & flying online is required. MSVA have basic training program with conjunction with VATSIM EGYPT “VATEG” and VATME “VATSIM Middle East”. Training program will be done through our system VRTS
(A.14a) All new Joiners will be technically evaluated by our training team " refer to A.01" regardless how much hours has been flown on the network. Based on the evaluation results, the candidate will be either accepted to fly ontime or to enter one of our training courses.
(A.14b) The evaluation results are irrevocable. Candidate is to fully comply with.
(A.14c) Air Traffic Controllers are to be excluded from joining the training courses. 


(A.15) MSAV Pilot are expected to be familiar with (abroad experienced & practice are advantage) the basics of flight simulation technique (take-off, landing, basic navigation, charts/maps, NDB, VOR, routes plan, etc.)


(A.16) MSAV Pilot are expected to be familiar with (but not limited to) the basics of aviation terminology (aerodynamics, airspace, rules/air law, squawk codes, weather forecast, etc)

(A.17) A member who does not adhere to any one of the requirements set forth above may be removed from the roster without warning.



Appendix – A: MSVA reserves the right to decline any submitted applications without further notice.




Online Activity – Section “B”


(B.01) Pilots must follow the VATSIM/IVAO Rules & Regulation & comply with it all the time during online activity.


(B.02) Pilots are to exercise good manners and not to causing conflict or arguments over the networks.

(B.03) Pilots are not allowed by any means to leave cockpit for more than 30 minutes. In such a case, flight will be terminated and pilot will receive and official warning. If repeated for second time, member will be suspended for a week. Pilot will be dismissed in case of a third time violation.


(B.04) If MSVA receives report from the networks about the conduct of any pilot; the pilot will be dismissed without notice.


Appendix –B:

(i) All online flights shall be flown at 1x simulation speed, from beginning to end. Speed acceleration is strictly forbidden.

(ii) MSVA pilots are in continuous monitoring during flights on both networks by MSVA management team.

(iii) All members are not allowed to fly heavy bodies until a 250 hours on narrow bodies are successfully flown.

(iv) A new ACARS System will be implemented in MSVA and will control the type selction. Until that time, any flight against Section "B", Appendix -B, item (iii) will be deleted immediately without further notice.



Minimum Activity Expected – Section “C”


(C.01) For New   pilots, we operate a 30 day first valid PIREP policy which means pilots must submit a valid flight within the first 30 days after admission.


(C.02) For existing pilots, we operate a 30 day active flying policy which means pilots must submit a valid flight at least every 30days. Pilots who are inactive after this period will be turned to the frozen status without further notice for a period of Three “03” months. An official request is a must to be made by the frozen member to MSVA’s CEO in order to un-freeze his account.

(C.03) CEO have the authority to dismiss a pilot for inactivity after being frozen for Three “03” months.


(C.04) Executive President & Management team of the Board will be excluded from minimum activity regulation.


(C.05) If you have difficulties with using our system please contact HR by email or send a message in the forum as soon as possible so that we can assist you.



Leave sequence requirements – Section “D” 


(D.01) Pilots who foresee that they will be unable to fulfil the obligations of their position, especially for pilots with respect to minimum flight requirements, shall submit, in writing, an e-mail to MSVA’s CEO.

(D.02) LOA contents “Appendix- D”

(D.03) Member is eligible to request LOA twice only for a period of six “06” months in each.

(D.04) If item “Section – A item A.06” is applied on a member, such a member will not be eligible to request LOA.

(D.05) Requests for LOA shall not be approved where the request is for longer than a six-month period in the request and/or in case of submitting a third LOA. In those cases pilot shall resign from MSR in “good-standing.”

(D.06) A member on and active LOA who submits a flight during the LOA shall be considered to have returned from LOA and will be responsible for compliance to minimum flight time from that time forward.

(D.07) LOA for Senior Management and Staff positions might be declined due to the sensitivity of the duties associated with the position. In these cases, resignation from the position may be required, and the resignation will be in “good standing.

(D.08) Pilots with higher ranks “Senior Commander+” shall be excluded from LOA policies.


Appendix – D

LOA Request shall be containing:

(i)  The request Header: Leave of Absence (LOA)
(ii)  Pilot ID.
(iii) The date on which the pilot wishes the LOA to begin.
(iv) The date on which the pilot wishes to return.
(v)  The reason for the request for LOA.


Other Important Information – Section “E” 


(E.01) By proceeding to registration you are agree to understand that MSVA is virtual airline only and we are not affiliate with the real EGYPTAIR Including pilots, booking system, financial issue and any others related.


(E.02) MSVA has a member limit of 200 pilots.


(E.03) The number of current applicants waiting for entry is updated daily on the front page of the website. Will be check by staff frequently.


(E.04) MSVA system” Integrated Pirep System -IPS” will be working with both networks system “VATSIM and IVAO”.


(E.05) Some of our services on the website are not accessible by non members but you will have access to all of our system after accept and being a member.


(E.06) While you are waiting on the list please this is an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with our virtual airline system.


(E.07) MSVA is a free community, no donations and payments at any form. All expenses required are handled by MSVA’s CEO.




MSVA Board of Government Team

Edited: July 31st 2014 @ 0730z

Effective:August 01st 2014 @ 0000z