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Egyptair Virtual Past Event

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Event: Cairo-Madina Citylink
Description: On behalf of Virtual Egyptair; the leading virtual airline in the Middle East and Africa, the Egyptian vACC, and the Saudi Arabian vACC; and sponsored by SimDesignGroup (aka SDG), we'd like to invite you to an event between the mesmerizing city of Cairo and the sacred city of Medina. The event is a celebration of the new terminal and runway, referred to as the "New Medina Airport" which was inaugurated at Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Airport. Cairo International Airport is the second busiest airport in Africa after South Africa's OR Tambo International, due to the country's location as a layover between Europe, Africa, and Asia. Moreover, Cairo is a renowned destination for tourists worldwide that come seeking the Pharaonic and Islamic monuments spread across the land. On the other hand, Medina (also called Al-Madina Al-Monawara) is one of 3 holy cities for the Muslim world. Being the place where Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) lived for the majority of his life and was buried, it's a very sacred and spiritual city. As a result, Muslims around the world come to Medina to visit Al-Madina Al-Monawara's Mosque. And due to the booming air traffic from/to Medina, upgrades had to be done to the current airport. Hence, a new much larger terminal was built alongside a new runway as well.
Scheduled Date: 12/19/2015
Scheduled Start Time: (GMT) 16:00
Departure Field: HECA
Arrival Field: OEMA
Company Schedule: MSR
Participants: 16:00 - MSR0001 - Ahmed Yehia Hamad
16:01 - MSR0632 - Hany El Keraby
16:02 - MSR0013 - Amr Elgohari
16:03 - MSR1336 - Maged Aziz
16:04 - MSR1282 - mohamed abd elhamed
16:05 - MSR1205 - Muhammad Refaat
16:06 - 0000 -
16:07 - MSR1367 - Baher Abouelfittouh
16:08 - MSR1320 - Mohamed fawzi
16:09 - MSR0793 - Maged Ghanem

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